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The Secrets to a Successful Footwear and Leather Goods Brand: ANNA CORI

Have you ever thought about giving a definition to success in the field of footwear and leather goods? Well, when you can convince a person to wear the shoes that bear your brand’s distinguishing mark and the customer returns to your shop with a smile on his/her face in order to buy a new product, then you can definitely consider yourself a success on this hard-to-please market......



The opening of the new ANNA CORI store in Vitan-Bucharest Mall, on Friday, 19th May, was a remarkable event which brought together the most famous Romanian fashion bloggers and vloggers. The coffee meeting organised in the fascinating universe of ANNA CORI footwear, handbags and accessories attracted an impressive number of fashion lovers, the 115 square meters store resulting scanty to its visitors....

4 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoes


Few are the moments a woman expects more than her wedding day. This event is filled with emotions and there is special attention paid to details. 
Your wedding is coming up? Then you know this feeling very well. You have to make many choices, and the wedding shoes are by far one of the most important clothing article which, together with the dress, may offer you that princess look that seems to have come out of the most beautiful fairy tales.....