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The Secrets to a Successful Footwear and Leather Goods Brand: ANNA CORI

Have you ever thought about giving a definition to success in the field of footwear and leather goods? Well, when you can convince a person to wear the shoes that bear your brand’s distinguishing mark and the customer returns to your shop with a smile on his/her face in order to buy a new product, then you can definitely consider yourself a success on this hard-to-please market.
When it comes to footwear dedicated to women or men, a truly successful brand will be able to make the difference between the preferences of these representatives of femininity and masculinity, respectively and also to offer customers a novel relationship between quality and price.
ANNA CORI is that well-known brand that distinguishes by its particular attention given to details in every shoe manufactured in the DENIS Factories. It is not a novelty to shoe lovers that ANNA CORI keeps up with each seasons’ trends, its creation department paying much attention to this aspect, so that every model went beyond visual as well as qualitative limits.

What are the main factors that led to ANNA CORI’s success?
To make shoes means to create real-life stories that people live every day: whether it is your first date, your wedding day, your parents’ anniversary or the day in which you take your first walk with your baby. It is about excitement, feelings and memories, all these in one pair of shoes that stood by your side during your most important moments in life.

With ANNA CORI, the key to success is to combine premium quality leather with dedication, experience, and most of all with passion! It took years until this top footwear and leather goods brand could find that innovative formula that would meet all the requirements of today’s market. It is a competitive and challenging market where only the best succeed and continue to progress, and at annacori.com this aspect translates into every colour carefully selected, every shoe accessory added and especially every stage of the manufacturing process of the distinct shoe parts.
In case you are asking yourselves how to write and apply the recipe for business excellence enjoyed by ANNA CORI’s customers, you must consider the following aspects:

1. Personnel’s thorough training: a factory with more than 500 employers, such as DENIS, to which ANNA CORI brand belongs, means performance but first of all defines the desire to satisfy customers’ requirements. The more skilled are the workers who create perfect shoes for every occasion, the shorted the road to success will be.

2. Permanent investment in development, quality and performance: because a shoe must offer not only comfort in every situation but also self-confidence, the premium quality of the leather of ANNA CORI footwear being unquestionable and flawless. This brand also insists on the statute conferred by the shoes manufactured under its name to every person wearing them.

3. Diversity: even though the ANNA CORI successful brand distinguishes itself completely from its competitors through the shoe models manufactured, each customer entering its physical and virtual stores can choose from a diverse range of models, colours and other relevant details in order to find that pair of shoes appropriate to his/her own style.





4. Experience: in a defining manner, the experience of a footwear and leather goods brand can be easily exploited by means of the craftsmanship used to create each pair of shoes. At the same time, refinement comes with time and so do the results, and this is one of the most important factors to ANNA CORI’s ongoing excellence.

5. Passion: how could a pair of shoes comfort the feet wearing them if they would not be created out of passion and the desire to market a product that would astonish every shoe lover? Well, as it can be noticed in the detailed story of the famous ANNA CORI brand, passion is one of the qualities that guaranteed the infinite success it enjoys today.
Therefore, when it comes to excelling in the footwear and leather goods sector, ANNA CORI is definitely a brand that has a role to play, as it can be observed in the aspects listed above.

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