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4 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Few are the moments a woman expects more than her wedding day. This event is filled with emotions and there is special attention paid to details.
Your wedding is coming up? Then you know this feeling very well. You have to make many choices, and the wedding shoes are by far one of the most important clothing article which, together with the dress, may offer you that princess look that seems to have come out of the most beautiful fairy tales.
To come to your aid, we will present below some tips to help you make the perfect choice when you buying that magic pair of shoes.

#1 Match the shoes to the entire outfit
No matter the wedding dress you will wear or the accessories you will choose, you must be certain that shoes will also match. Under this consideration, the colour of your shoes is not the only detail you must take into account, you must also match the design, seams and various models embroidered.
Another interesting thing is that it is not necessary to match the shoes to the dress, but to the chromatic tones of the wedding topic. The colours must not necessarily be in a very strong contrast but all depends on your degree of gallantly and preferences.

#2 The heels
After making an idea of what the colour and the design of your wedding shoes should be, you must pay attention to the height of your heels as well. You should consider your and your partner’s height.
Choose heels according to this height in order to create a balance between you and your partner. You should also consider your experience in wearing heels. If you are short, you will surely wish for higher heels, but you must be sure that this is not to your detriment and you will wear them with confidence.

#3 You need comfort
Think about your wedding day as an eventful one that involves a lot of walking and, let’s admit it, it can be really exhausting. The last thing you would want is choosing a completely uncomfortable pair of shoes.
Therefore, when choosing your wedding shoes you must be sure to take this aspect into consideration.
Try not to stop at just one size when trying on shoes. This is the only way in which you can discover if you have found the right pair of shoes, one that does not scuff, that will make you feel very comfortable and where your foot will fit perfectly, just like Cinderella’s.

#4 Get used to them
Many women think that their wedding shoes must be worn only at their wedding. Yes, it is true that they are a very special pair for you and they are dedicated to the magical moments of your wedding day, but it would help you very much if you wore them a few times at home before the wedding.
In other words, keep in mind to get used to that pair of shoes. This does not mean that you must wear it all the time, but a few trying-ons will help you better control the situation, be self-confident and feel perfect.

We, the team from ANNA CORI, have considered each one of these aspects and during your visit to our physical and even virtual store you will be able to find the perfect wedding shoes.

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